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Vote August 2nd

Alex Manwell
Candidate for Michigan's 11th District

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I’m not a politician. I’m an engineer, an entrepreneur, and a proud Detroiter.

I’ve cleaned up brownfields, overseen the construction of roads, bridges and water systems. I’ve started businesses, including one that has brought thousands of visitors and millions of dollars in tourism revenue to Detroit. I’ve assessed infrastructure around the state, country, and globe.

My parents - a public school teacher and a prosecutor - are proud public servants, union members, and lifelong Democrats. They instilled in me a deep pride in Michigan, and the belief that we all need to do our part to improve the world around us.

Here in Detroit, we have one of the most valuable resources in the world, one that will only become more critical as the climate continues to change: fresh water. Our economy and our livelihoods are directly tied to the health of our water. Yet our basements are flooding, sewage is polluting our lakes and rivers, and our infrastructure is crumbling, endangering our homes and businesses. While we wait for the next big rainstorm to overwhelm our community, Lansing continues to kick the can down the pothole-filled road.

That’s why I’m running for State Representative from Michigan’s new 11th district. Detroit’s east side, Harper Woods, and St. Clair Shores deserve a representative who knows how to fix our infrastructure. We deserve someone who will fight to ensure our homes are protected and we have clean drinking water. We deserve a representative who knows that equity means investing in our communities so families can feel safer, live in a healthier environment, and build a better future for our kids.


I hope you’ll join my campaign to invest in our neighborhoods. Volunteer and donate if you can - but most importantly, I ask for your vote on August 2nd.

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